About Me




As a licensed psychotherapist and Spiritual Director in training, I believe that when we have a willingness to grow and the courage for self-inquiry, we can begin to lead authentic lives and become the people we were meant to be.

At the root of my being, I am creative. I am also a problem solver with compassion, so balance my left and right brain in helping others. I have passion for authentic experiences, that is feeling what it is to be human on our planet ā€“ the thrill of being alive. I love to immerse myself in fellowship, culture, landscape, music, food, travel and ceremony.

Bottom line:  I believe that we can create the closeness and connection we seek when we are willing to be vulnerable.  I do NOT believe that intelligence equates to emotional maturity. And I firmly believe that our purpose in life is - to practice love and acceptance beyond conditions for ourselves and others.


Here are some more of my personal photos to give you a better idea of who I am:





As a Licensed Master Social Worker and growing apprentice energy healer, I bring a life of experience, years of education, and diverse approaches to my work with clients.



Being a Spiritual Director in training means that I have and continue to explore my own spirituality, faith tradition, and belief in something greater. And Iā€™m currently moving forward through the academic portion of becoming a spiritual companion for others.